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A Holiday Home Among The Gum Trees

The Grounds

Warialda is set on 25 acres with approximately 12 acres of bushland. We are part of the Land For Wildlife program and our mission is to regenerate the land to create a thriving habitat for birds, bees, koalas and other native animals by eventually replacing all exotic plants on the property with only indigenous natives.

Harvest Garden

Herbs and vegetables are grown in the Harvest Garden. Guests are welcome to use seasonal produce from the garden for their cooking.


We have a variety of fruit trees throughout the grounds including apricots, pears, apples, ruby grapefruit, ‘lemonade’, kaffir limes, plums, oranges, grapes, lemons, mandarins and macadamia nuts. They all fruit at different times of the year and guests are welcome to help themselves to the fruit if it is ripe.

The Wilderness

Our Wilderness is the bushland beyond the dam. It is fairly dense and untouched but there are walking tracks through it and it can be fun to go spotlighting at night. There is a diverse mix of eucalypts and other native plants with very little weed invasion.

Fire Pit

Guests are welcome to use the fire pit in the cooler months when fire bans are not in force. Firewood is provided but collecting it from around the grounds is also part of the fun!


The kids will enjoy the swing set which is complete with two swings. We plan to expand this playground further into a nature playground with fun activities made from all natural resources.

Seal Rocks Accommodation Fire Pit
Seal Rocks Accommodation Fire Pit