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Pacific Palms

Pacific Palms is a popular holiday spot about 10-20 minutes north of Bungwahl. It comprises a number of beaches and villages with cafes, restaurants and shops. Here you’ll find Blueys Beach, Elizabeth Beach and Boomerang Beach. For some great walks, you can also explore Booti Booti National Park.

Beaches at Pacific Palms

Blueys Beach is a popular choice for surfers. With its pristine white sand and crystal-clear water, its no wonder so many people choose this beach as their holiday destination.

Boomerang Beach is a hive of activity. Its headlands offer protection from the prevailing winds and rock ledge formation helping create superb surf conditions. Beachcombers can spot playful dolphins and migrating whales from its shores, while anglers will relish opportunities for beach and rock fishing.

Elizabeth Beach (or ‘Lizzie’) is the best for young families. Its one of the few north-facing beaches on the east coast making it quite protected and is patrolled by Pacific Palms Surf Life Saving during school holidays and on weekends. There’s plenty of good fishing here too.

Booti Booti National Park Pacific Palms NSW

Booti Booti National Park

A trip to Seal Rocks isn’t complete without a visit to the Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse which can be reached by a 20-minute scenic walk (along a paved road) through Myall Lakes National Park. The historic lighthouse was built in 1874-1875 to warn ships away from the treacherous rock formation, Seal Rocks. It’s one of two lighthouse towers in Australia with an external lighthouse. At the front of the lighthouse is a grassy knoll picnic area, which in our opinion, has to be one of the best whale watching spots in Australia.

Shopping & Dining

At Blueys Beach, check out Hueys at Blueys pizzeria. Get in early with a takeaway order and set up a picnic down at the beach. Drift Café has great food and coffee, while seafood lovers can grab fish and chips at The Palms Takeaway. Kembali Café serves Indonesian dishes including nasi goreng and a breakfast of coconut rice with peanut and herb salad served with fried eggs, bacon and chilli.

The bistro at The Pacific Palms Recreation Club (the Recky) on The Lake Way at Elizabeth Beach is a lovely place to go for lunch or dinner as you can sit outdoors and watch the kids while the paddle on the shores of Wallis Lake. At Boomerang Beach, check out Sips @ Moby’s located at Moby’s Beachside Retreat.

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