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Giving Back To Nature

Land For Wildlife

Warialda Bungwahl is part of a nature corridor that connects Wallingat National Park in the north with Myall Lakes National Park in the south-east.

Our land is located in the Wallingat River sub catchment of the Wallis Lake catchment that drains an area of some 144,000 hectares ranging from ridges and valleys to the coastal plains and estuaries. We’re fortunate to have diverse vegetation and habitats throughout the property that range from open woodland to freshwater wetland to the tall eucalypts in the dry schlerophyll forest on the ridge.

We consider it an opportunity and an obligation as landholders in this area to retain and regenerate the vegetation and habitats that support valuable ecosystems on our property and the surrounding land.

The Land For Wildlife scheme is a program that supports landholders in conserving and managing wildlife on their property. The opportunity to contribute to the conservation our unique Australian native plants and animals was one of the driving factors when it came to us buying the property.

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Our Mission

Over the next 3-5 years, our aim is to restore the biodiversity of the land by protecting the remnant vegetation on the property, revegetating the gardens surrounding the house with indigenous native plants, and controlling weed invasion.

With the help of the Land For Wildlife scheme and Mid Coast Council, we’ve started our journey by identifying problematic noxious and environmental weeds on the property as well as native flora that is there to protect. We’ve also started compiling a bird list and flora list that will be added to over time.

Local species we’re wild about

Our Conservation Projects