Warialda Bungwahl sits on the land that has been cared for by the Worimi people for thousands of years. Look a bit closer and walk a little lighter to find a rich cultural paradise in Worimi Country.

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Connect With Country

Whoota Lookout Wallingat National Park

Whoota Whoota Lookout

One of the best spots to take in the scenic views of Wallingat’s eucalypt forests, Wallis Lake and 100km of coastline of Worimi Country. Its understood what is now Wallingat National Park was likely to be significant source of food and medicine to the Worimi people. A central campsite was located at what is now known as Coomba Park and the Worimi were also known to congregate around the Bungwahl area.

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Local Seafood

The Worimi people relied on the plentiful seafood found in the area for sustenance. You can experience it too by fishing in various locations, such as open beaches, rocks, lakes, estuaries, and waterways. Embrace the opportunity to sample the fresh seafood of the area firsthand and continue the tradition of enjoying the bountiful marine resources in the region.

Burgess Beach Forster Great Lakes

Organise A Tour

Gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural and historical significance of the area by organising a tour with the local Worimi Aboriginal Land Council. Their knowledge of the land and its Aboriginal heritage will enhance your visit, offering valuable insights and stories about the people who have called it home for thousands of years.

Neranie Myall Lakes National Park Great Lakes

Swim At Neranie

Taking the kids for a swim at Neranie on Myall Lakes is a must-do. The calm and clear waters of the lake provide a safe environment for children to splash around and enjoy the outdoors. With its picturesque surroundings, it’s the perfect spot for a family day out. If you take a picnic, pack it in an esky as there are goannas there that expect a good feed.

Adacou Kayak Paddleboard Hire Myall Lakes Neranie

Hire A Boat Or Kayak

Hire a kayak or paddleboard from Adacou or a boat from Frothy Coffee Boatshed to explore the pristine waters of Smiths Lake and Myall Lakes. Tony from Adacou will meet you at either Smiths or Myall Lake where you can either start your own self-guided experience or take a guided tour of your lake of choice with Tony.

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The Great Lakes region offers some of the best fishing spots in NSW. Myall Lake, Smiths Lake, and Wallis Lake are all excellent choices for anglers looking to catch a variety of species, including bream, flathead, and whiting. These lakes provide a peaceful and scenic setting for a great day of fishing. Fish from the shore or a jetty or hire a boat or kayak.